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aereogramme, art, atget, attraction, autumn, ayurveda, beauty, being level-headed, belly, brassai, broadcast, cambridge ma, candles, catharsis, cathedrals, closing my eyes, coffee shops, crying, dance, dark comedy, de-sexualization of body, deep breaths, depeche mode, desire, dorothy parker, echobelly/sonya madan circa 1994, elastica, emptiness, energy, ethereal greenery, fauve, feeling over thought, felines, fire, georgia o'keeffe, getting lost, glasgow, glass stained or colored, going into hiding, hesse, hindu iconography, hope sandoval, iceland, identities, idlewild, intensity, intuition, irises, jung, kathleen hanna, kirchner, kissing, kokoschka, laughter, leave them all behind, letters, letting go, libraries, light, lighting shops, lightning, lilac sky, london, lush, marquez, mary timony, mazzy star, meditation, metaphors/symbols, mind, mirrors, mist, morrissey, mosaics, moving forward, my living room, natural forces, nina nastasia, paris, pavement, pbs, pinstripes, pompeii, prayer, prisms, process, prolapse, purply eyeliner, reading, rebirth, red wine, ride, rilke, rothko, san francisco, sanskrit, saris, secrecy, self-realization, sexy foliage, shamanism, shiny red guitars, silence, silver, simplicity, siouxsie, sitting in the dark, skirts with pockets, slowdive, spontaneity, standing still, stereolab, strong personalities, subtlety, sunflowers, sweaters, taking photos, taking time, tao te ching, tea, telugu, tension and release, the city (new york), the cure, the magnetic fields, the scottish landscape, the sea, the sea and cake, the smiths, the stone roses, the sugarcubes, the swirlies, trees, trust, unrest, vibration, waking up whenever, warmth, woman, yoshitomo nara